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ETHMine review


Why Choose ETHMine?
ETHMine mining platform provides an opportunity to purchase three different mining contracts. A mining contract runs for a full year, with an option to exit it before that for 5% fee from your active contribution amount. You can exit your mining contract at any given time, no strings attached.

Smart mining
Save your energy, time and hardware – ETHMine has made things easy for you.

Fixed interest
Once you sign up for a mining contract, your interest will be fixed and available on demand.

No strings attached
Mining contracts run for one year, but you can exit it at any given time, with little to no fee.

ETHMine positions themselves as a smart Ether mining platform, where everyone from any part of the world can participate in and mine Ether without owning a mining rig, or any other mining-related resource. Their mining farms are already set up to do the job for you. In short, ETHMine claims that they provide an easy way to rent hashing power.

Investment plans: 2.60%, 2.80% and 3.0% daily for one year. Principal returned for a 5% fee after 24h.
Payment processors: Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash
Investments starting from: $10

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