Crypto Jungle SECURITY

10 smart tricks hackers use to steal your cryptos (and how to protect from them)
For consumers and crypto buyers, the crypto-jungle is a real mess as far as security is concerned.

You are at risk, even with a super secure Hardware Wallet, which is supposed to the the gold standard for security today. Indeed most issues happen in the “points of connection” with your wallet, not with the wallet itself. What is at risk is not necessarily your set up but your attention.

1. Copy Paste: you see an address you want to send some bitcoins to. You copy/paste this address into your wallet. Except there are things like CryptoShuffler, a small program.
CryptoShuffler: Trojan stole $140,000 in Bitcoin

2. Hacked mobile Apps: Hackers can publish real fake trading apps to buy assets on a crypto-exchange (eg Poloniex) but you re trading nowhere…you just sending money to a dummy hacker account.

3.Slack Hacking bots: Bots on slack are a plague. They will reach out warning about a security alert on your wallet (which of course does not exist) and they will link you to a URL where they will ask you your private key. Don’t touch