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BuzzShow review

BuzzShow.com decentralized reward based video social network

BuzzShow is a reward-based social video platform that has largely been developed.It provides its users with full control of their content as well as monetary incentives for creating, curating, sharing & viewing videos with BuzzShow Goldies, the BuzzShow’s native currency.
Developed & Tested Product
BuzzShow Phase 1 has already been developed, tested and is available online, see for yourself!
Most Token Sale start while the platform is only in a conceptual stage, with only a white paper to back up the funds raised in the Token Sale. The BuzzShow Token Sale is different. We offer a developed and tested platform and will use the funding to make it operational on blockchain technology as well as to rapidly develop a strong user base.

Third Generation Blockchain Technology
The next release of the BuzzShow platform will be based on third generation Blockchain technology, providing the benefits of absent transaction fees, sufficient capacity, stability, and security that is crucial for a social media network.

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