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BitPlay Club Lotto Review

BitPlay Club Lotto
Bitplay Club Lottery is the perfect game for everyone who likes to win! The simple rules and great odds let you win easily and often. Drawings are held every day of the week!

BitPlay Club lottery is an online bitcoin lottery based on blockchain. Blockchain technology allows BitPlay Club to run honest lottery with transparent drawing results, prize pool and incredibly high Jackpot in Bitcoins.

Honesty and transparency you’ve never seen before!
BitPlay Club Brings Blockchain to Lottery, Provides Transparent and Fun Way to Win Big

Participants in the lottery choose numbers before a certain deadline. The winning numbers are then calculated using the hashes of recent Bitcoin blocks found on the blockchain right after the deadline expires.

The company says lotteries not only provide chances to win but also bring entertainment. They should never be overly complicated. Thus, the Bitplay Club Lottery service is clear and user-friendly; as such, it should appeal to both experts and newbies in the lottery business.

BitPlay being a fully blockchain based platform, would feature and enable its native cryptocurrency within all its Projects, Platforms, Apps and Ecosystem. The BTP Token would serve as the primary In-Game Currency for all BitPlay’s gambling and wagering products and widely used within the BitPlay’s ecosystem. As percieved, there would be a lot of activities and utilities around the BTP token and this in-turn would foster rapid growth for the coin’s value.

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