Altcoins and ICOs

Altcoins and ICOs. Cryptocurrency and Altcoin Initial Coin Offerings!

What are Altcoins and ICOs ?
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When visiting Bitcoin exchanges and websites, you may see information about buying “altcoins”. Altcoins are cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to become really popular. Since the rise of Bitcoin, however, hundreds of other cryptocurrencies have emerged. People invest in altcoins because they’re hoping for a Bitcoin-like rise in value. The vast majority of altcoins, however, have virtually no value.

What are Altcoins and ICOs

Altcoins can also vary from Bitcoin in the way they are mined. For example, Bitcoin’s mining algorithm is called SHA-256, while Litecoin’s mining algorithm is called Scyrpt. Different mining algorithms require different types of hardware to mine

An Initial Coin Offering, also commonly referred to as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether. It’s somewhat similar to an Initial Public Offering ( IPO ) in which investors purchase shares of a company.

The majority of ICOs are based on Ethereum as a platform, and more specifically on Ethereum’s smart contracts. Shares in Initial Coin Offering. When tokens are sold in a crowdsale.ICO projects are usually sold for ETH or BTC, and awarded in the form of tokens (also known as ERC-20 tokens).

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ICOs Initial Coin Offering have actually been growing in appeal over the last few years. Today, a variety of sites have actually emerged to resolve the need. The main platforms include:

State of the Dapps (based upon Ethereum).
These platforms provide companies an easy way to promote their Initial Coin Offerings – just like how Kickstarter and Indiegogo give start-ups an easy way to promote their crowdfunding projects. Today, you can check out any of the sites noted above to find out about Initial Coin Offerings happening – or to participate in an ICO yourself.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and involves the sale of tokens which are purchased using either fiat funding or cryptocurrency. ICOs require an initial investment like any other startup, with a promise of incentives later on. The problem starts when the ICO Company requires an original investment and holds a bigger portion of the token to be saved and used for profit once the new currency starts to hold value.

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