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2018 Bitcoin Forks review

2018 Bitcoin Forks

From How to Profit and Claim Bitcoin Forks in 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

Bitcoin Forks Claimable via Ymgve’s Script, BitPie, and Bither

Warning: claiming and selling forkcoins involves considerable risks, and requires some advanced knowledge. By attempting these procedures, you accept all of these risks:

  • Working with and exposing yourBitcoin private keys
  • Installing and running certain software
  • Trading and possibly identifying yourself on various exchanges

At the time of this writing, you can claim about $2,000 in free money for every bitcoin in your wallet received before August 1, 2017.

Granted, a lot of this value is comprised by Bitcoin Cash (~12% of  BTC) and (~1% of BTC)

Extremely Important!

Claiming all these forks will require you to use the private keys of the Bitcoin wallet, which contain your BTC at the time that the coin is forked.

This tactic is only safe if you’ve already moved your BTC to another wallet, with a different set of private keys.

Let’s take Super Bitcoin (SBTC) for example
To claim those forkcoins, it’s necessary to export the private keys from your Bitcoin wallet into an SBTC wallet or claiming tool.
But by sharing your private keys with that SBTC wallet or claiming tool, you’re giving it the keys to your crypto kingdom.

1. Super Bitcoin (SBTC) Reward Ratio: 1 SBTC for 1 BTC
2. Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Reward Ratio: 10 BCD for 1 BTC
3. Bitcoin Faith (BTP) Reward Ratio: 1 BTF for 1 BTC
4. Bitcoin World (BTW) Reward Ratio: 10,000 BTW for 1 BTC
5. Bitcoin New (BTN) Reward Ratio: 1 BTF for 1 BTC
6. Bitcoin Pay (BTP) Reward Ratio: 10 BTP for 1 BTC
7. Segwit2X (B2X) Reward Ratio: 1 B2X for 1 BTC
8. Bitcoin Hot (BTH) Reward Ratio: 1 BTH for 1 BTC
9. Bitcoin Pizza (BPA) Reward Ratio: 1 BPA for 1 BTC
10. Bitcoin Vote (BTV) Reward Ratio: 1 BTV for 1 BTC
11. BitcoinX (BCX) Reward Ratio: 10,000 BCX for 1 BTC
12. Fast Bitcoin (FBTC)) Reward Ratio: 1 FBTC for 1 BTC

From How to Profit and Claim Bitcoin Forks in 2018 – The Ultimate Guide

Getting ready to Claim Bitcoin Forks: Step by Step

Step 1: Export your Private Keys

Step 2: Check the Balance of your Addresses and Make a List!

Bitcoin Forks Claiming Services

If you don’t fancy the DIY approach, you can pay a percentage (usually around 5%) of your forkcoin profits to experts who’ll handle the process for you.

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