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Auto Binary Robot

Auto Binary Robot Free 100% Auto Trading software


First and foremost read about the Martingale system Here.

Open Auto Binary Robot from google chrome only and recommended device is pc or a tablet.

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Open Autotrader,sign up then login to your broker ,deposit minimum of 500$ and perform the following steps:
Make sure that you have enough balance to recover 6 losses in a row (and the software never lost more than 4 times in a row since its launch in 2013) but yes you would lose even 10 times in a row playing martingale system on roulette because roulette is a luck random game with no signals to predict the outcome and the casino will be likely rigged to make you lose,unlike trading forex binary options which its outcome is predictable by the robot signals.

There is no stop loss or take profit feature in the robot so make sure to switch the auto trading off an hour before the forex market closes or if you want to switch it off at any time, close it manually at the last winning trade and you must do it fast or the robot will get a new signal and will open a new trade automatically.

Make sure you have no internet connection or power cut troubles when auto binary robot is running.



Auto Binary Robot system Features
The real automated binary option robot to beat binary options brokers while you sleep!
Make from 300$ to 1500$ daily profit with almost zero risk!
No download required trade on web trader
Compatible with reliable and regulated brokers only
Auto binary robot is 100% free to use
No trading experience required
USA traders welcome
Tutorial for the best settings based on your account balance

Stark Trading System

Stark Trading System. Automated STARK Trading System Report is here


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